RoadRepair offers durable and innovative solutions for pothole repairs and road maintenance.

RoadRepair provides a total concept to improve road maintenance and reduce costs in a sustainable way with low environmental impact.

  1. Innovative, environment friendly asphalt products
  2. Special equipment for speedy road maintenance with smaller crews
  3. Innovative repair technology to reduce traffic disruption
  4. Platform for reporting potholes and other dangerous road situations
  5. Training programme for contractors


  • ¬†Fast and durable repairs
  • Asphalt repairs with bitumen on a vegetable emulsion basis
  • Low energy solutions
  • Repairs using smaller quantities of material
  • Innovative and sustainable repair material and techniques
  • Repairing asphalt under extreme circumstances
  • Web shop: asphalt products with short delivery times even for larger quantities
  • Our own asphalt factory and research laboratory